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What makes a Safari experience a trip of a lifetime?

Your safety - we have knowledgeable, experienced, medically trained guides that can get you right in front of the African action without compromising your well-being. That is the most important priority for us. Our staff is the best in the business.

The sights! Our staff has the best knowledge of where the animals are at any given time. They can get you to the spots where you can see the Serengeti and surrounding areas unfold in their true form. You can watch as herds migrate, and predators watch for an opportunity which is rarely missed. Tanzania is the one spot in Africa where the wilderness is still largely the same as it was 300 years ago, poaching is not tolerated... At all.

Client care - we have expeditions for many different budgets. Our prices range from Lodge resort accommodations all the way to backpacks and tents. We offer the greatest comforts at the best prices. We give the best packages available to the budgets allotted. We cater to our clients in the best way possible, our guides speak English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Some speak up to seven languages. High quality meals are included in our packages. We want you to happy in your travels with us!

We pride ourselves on being the most complete tour company in the region.
Bring your camera, you will want to take hundreds of photos!
See you soon...

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